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Design Tips

If you're a die-hard DIY-er or your project just isn't that big, we'd still love to be a part of it! Here are a few tips to help you design, plan and execute the perfect job by yourself.

  1. Be ruthless    Nothing is neutral; each item in a space either adds to or subtracts from your design theme.
  2. The cure for the empty look    Large space, few pieces of furniture? Try setting your furniture at an angle to the walls and using rugs to define the groupings.
  3. Unify your space through color    Take color cues for your rooms from a multi colored rug. Use the colors in the rug as you progress through the rooms, each room having its own color personality.
  4. Make a collection count    If you showcase a collection, make sure that the items from it that you display are grouped together, have complimentary lines and colors and are only your best examples. Store the rest and rotate from time to time.
  5. Select accessories of the proper scale    The most often repeated mistake is that of displaying too many accessories, all of too small a scale to have any impact.
  6. What is the best color for you to use in your home?    The one you love! Your home should be an extension of you, so why use any other?
  7. Get comfortable    When selecting seating, check that the seat depth is nearly equal to the distance from the back of your knee to your back when seated.
  8. Collect some original art for your home    Larger budgets can shop galleries. Smaller budgets can find art at Art Fairs and student shows. Professionally frame your original art.
  9. Match your finishes    Pay attention to design details and finishes when purchasing items for your kitchen that will remain exposed. Match finishes where possible, and by all means keep your items sparkling clean.
  10. Keep your countertop looking good for years    Invest in a good-looking wood cutting board that contrasts with or matches your countertop. It is not advisable to cut on any countertop surfaces, no matter how durable.
  11. Invest    There's no substitute for quality, whether in services or products, so don't be afraid to invest in your space. This is your home, and it's worth every penny.
Design Tips

Be ruthless - Nothing is neutral; each item in a space either adds to or subtracts from your design theme.

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